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He was born in Portugal (Faro), but currently lives between Portugal and Brazil. His line of work lies on the border betwixt the performing and visual arts.

He attends the visual arts doctorate at EBA-UFRJ, where he has also earned his master degree. He received a scholarship from the GDA-Gestão dos Direitos dos Artistas to attend the Post-Graduation in the Laban/Bartenieff System at the Angel Vianna/Laban Dance University. He has a degree in Theater from the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema. He finished the course Programa Aprofundamento_Criação Artística Escola de Artes Visuais Parque Lage having also held severall workshops and masterclasses with Romeo Castellucci; João Fiadeiro; João Mota; Alfredo Martins; Gustavo Ciríaco, Fernanda Eugénio, among others.

So far his work has been presented in countries such as: Portugal, Russia; The Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, France, Brazil, Belgium, Mexico, China, Cuba, United States of America, United Kingdom, Argentina and Uruguay.

He has collaborated with choreographers Francisco Camacho, Carlota Lagido, David Marques, Sílvia Real, Mariana Tengner Barros, Rafael Alvarez, Gustavo Ciríaco, Tino Sehgal and with the directors Jorge Andrade, João Romão, Jorge Silva Melo, João Brites and Alfredo Martins.

He currently collaborates with David Marques on "APAGÃO" (2017). He created the shows "HIGHLIGHT" (2011) "GOLDEN" (2014) and "ALLA PRIMA" (2016), which premiered at the Festival Temps d'Images (Lisbon). Since 2009, he regularly collaborates with Raquel André, having created "NO DIGITAL", "LAST" and "TURBO_LENTO", with the support of the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, GDA-Gestão dos direitos dos artistas e da Dgartes/Governo de Portugal.

He did the installation "RESERVA TÉCNICA" in the Centro Cultural Correios (Brazil, São Paulo, 2017) "UNDER" in the space Islington Mill (Manchester, England, 2016) and presented the performance "PORMENOR", in Praça Tiradentes (in partnership with the Centro de Artes Hélio Oititica, Rio de Janeiro, 2015). Among his participation in collective exhibitions, he highlights "Face to Face" (Parque das Ruínas, Rio de Janeiro, 2016), “A casa dos pais” (Casa Contemporânea, São Paulo, 2014) and "V Mostra Parque Lage" (conclusion of the Programa Aprofundamento_Criação Artística, Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, 2014). Performance Vitória Suite at the Mac Niterói Museum (Brazil, Niteroi, 2014).

In 2011 he took part on the european research and creation project on performance with new technologies A.D.A.P.T Advancing Digital Art Performance Techniques (Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, France, Belgium). He collaborated on the performances of the visual artists: Tino Sehgal; Jorge Soledar; Suzana Queiroga and Dudu Quintanilha. He regularly collaborates with the Serviço Educativo da Culturgest, namely with the creations “PANGEIA” (2017), “A HISTÓRIA QUE NÃO QUERIA SER LIVRO”  (2013) e “A CAIXA MÁGICA” (2011). He has given workshops in several European, South American and Asian countries.

He's an EIRA associated artist since 2010
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