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Choreographer and performer; she was born in Coimbra, but currently lives at Almada/Cacilhas. Her work has been presented in several European and South American countries.

She created and presented AND SO?...THE END (2010), APRÈS LE BAIN (2011) THE TRAP (2011, which has been awarded with the Public Prize - Jardin d'Europe at the ImpulsTanz-Vienna International Dance Festival, Austria), PEÇA DO CORAÇÃO: FOR HIM (2012), POWER BALLAD (2013, a duet with the choreographer Mark Tompkins) and THE WEATHER™ (2016).

In 2013 she began a collaboration with the musician Jonny Kadaver to create performances on different formats with live music; the most recent was the 5-hour I4GODS performance, which premiered in April 2017 at the Chiado Museum of Contemporary Art, within the framework of Boca Bienal. Both collaborate regularly with the Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte, having created END OF TRANSMISSION (2014), the solo MACHA (2015) and the children's play O NOME DA HISTÓRIA (2014). They've also created DANCE AGAINST THE MACHINE and RIDERS ON THE STAGE (2014/15) for the London company Edge-The Place, works which are based on the improvisation and had a very short incubation period; these were also presented at Parque da Devesa, Casa das Artes, Famalicão.

She took part of the solo performance commissioning project (SPCP) in 2009, directed by the choreographer Deborah Hay (Findhorn, Scotland), premiering her adaptation of the choreography, on Nome Eira#3, in Lisbon (2011).

She collaborated with several artists, among them Elizabete Francisca, Agnieszka Dmochowska, Said Dakash, Pedro Bandeira, António Mv, Nuno Miguel, Rogério Nuno Costa, Filipe Lopes, João Costa Espinho, João Ferro Martins, João Pedro Vale and Nuno Alexandre Ferreira, Abraham Hurtado, Mark Tompkins, Davis Freeman and Meg Stuart.

As a dancer/performer she stands out the works with the creators Filip van Huffell, Francisco Camacho, Rafael Alvarez, John Romão, Rogério Nuno Costa, Dinis Machado and Meg Stuart.

She has a degree in dance by the Northern School of Contemporary Dance-NSCD (England, 2003) and did an internship on the Ballet Theater Munich, under the artistic direction of Philip Taylor (Germany, 2004). She completed the Programa de Estudo e Criação Coreográfica-PEPCC, at Fórum Dança (Portugal, 2009).

Between 2004 and 2005 she was an associated artist at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance-NSCD in Leeds, England, where she choreographed Best Imitation of Myself for VERVE05 and co-founded The Resistance Movement with Said Dakash.

She's an EIRA associated artist since 2013, having been resident artist between 2010 and 2012. She's the artistic director of the cultural association A BELA. 


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