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in Skopje and Tirana - MACEDONIA & ALBANIA



"THE TRAP" a solo by Mariana Tengner Barros / EIRA, will be presented on the 28th October 2015 in São Paulo - Brazil in the frame of LocoMotion Festival and on the 31st October 2015 in Tirana at the Albania Dance Meeting Festival.

In THE TRAP Mariana Tengner Barros places herself inside the ‘bodies of old glamour’ - dead movie divas and burlesque stars - to have a conversation with God about art and finantial markets ending up singing an epic song out of boredom, in a deceiptful play, where things are never really what they appear to be.

FESTIVAL LocoMotion 
28th October | 8pm | MKC
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31st October | 7pm | National Arts Gallery Tirana
More information here.


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